Sunday, March 9, 2014

Book Review: Lure of the Dead by Joseph Delaney

Publisher: Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins

Publication Date: August 21, 2012

Series: The Last Apprentice/Wardstone Chronicles #10

Genre: Middle Grade/Young Adult Fantasy & Horror

Acquired From: Public Library


Time is running out for Thomas Ward.
His final battle against the Fiend is drawing near, and the Spook's apprentice has never felt more alone in his task. Isolated and afraid, the Fiend is set to send the greatest of his servants against him--Siscoi, a Vampire God more ferocious than anything he has yet faced. 
Tom must risk his life to prevent the evil beast from entering this world, even as he learns that the final destruction of the Fiend may involve a sacrifice more terrible than he can imagine.


Ever since the first book, I've been in love with The Last Apprentice series. I can't say that it actually scares me all that much, but it is a wonderful fantasy story. So it is with ease that I give Lure of the Dead 4 out of 5 stars
There were several great twists in the novel that made me love it even more, and it is a great continuation of the earlier novels. Tom faces a lot of new challenges and encounters a vast number of new creatures that he has to learn more about. And it is a glimpse into the journey that Tom makes into growing from the Spook's apprentice to a Spook in his own right. 
The mythology of this story was really wonderful, and it was a good departure from the earlier stories that dealt mostly with regular old evil witches. This one had a lot of new creatures and characters that were interesting and slightly frightening. There was lots of suspense and several great mysteries that made Lure of the Dead an amazing read. 
The only thing I didn't like about this novel was the predictable sacrifice that was put in front of Tom. But I expect, and hope, that it will be addressed in later novels.  

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