**Subject to change. Any change will be noted at the top of the Policies page and will be posted on the home page.

Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review. I do accept self-published and indie works.

I prefer physical copies, but will accept eBooks. PDFs are the preferred format. Physical copies get preference over eBooks. Unless otherwise noted, books were bought by me or checked out from my local library. PLEASE DO NOT SEND BOOKS WITHOUT FIRST SENDING A REQUEST.

I accept books Young Adult and New Adult books in the following genres:

  • Dystopian
  • Paranormal
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Urban fantasy
  • Mythology/fairy tale retelling
I do not accept books in the following genres:

  • Romance
  • Erotica
  • Western
  • Poetry
  • Non-fiction
  • Memoirs and biography
If you have any question about whether or not I'll accept a book, don't hesitate to ask!

The reviews on this website are my honest opinions about the book. As a writer myself, I know how much work goes into writing a novel. I promise to be honest, but not brutal. If I didn't like a novel, I'll say why it didn't work for me, but I'll also point out positive things that may mean it will work for someone else. If I didn't finish a novel, I will not post a review of it. However, I will post a recommendation for readers of the blog who might want to check it out.

My acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. 

Requests for reviews must be made by email. Any requests left in the comments will be deleted without being read. All requests should be made to leyslibrary(at)gmail(dot)com and include the following information:
  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date
  • Synopsis
  • Format(s) book is available in
ARC Policy: ARCs will not be sold. With permission of the author/publisher, they may be traded within the reviewer community or given as part of a giveaway. 

FTC Disclaimer: I do not receive any monetary compensation for my reviews on the website.

Blog Tour Policy

I'm always interested in helping authors promote their work. I'm open to doing guest posts, author interviews, posting non-spoiling excerpts from the work in question, and doing giveaways. 

If you are an author wishing to do an author interview, I prefer to have read at least your most recent work before doing the interview.

If you are an author wishing to do a giveaway, you can provide me with an eBook to give away. If you wish to give away a physical copy of your book or other "swag" items, you are responsible for all shipping costs. 

If you are interested in visiting Ley's Library as part of a Blog Tour, please email me at leyslibrary(at)gmail(dot)com.

Giveaway Policy

For all giveaways on Ley's Library, the following rules apply:

  • You must be 13 or older to enter.
  • You must be aware of the format that is being given away. Please do not enter for an eBook giveaway if you do not have an e-Reader.
  • Individuals who enter a giveaway for physical copies of novels or for "swag" gifts must provide a mailing address in order to ship the items.
  • All winners will be chosen at random.
  • Winners will be notified by email. Winners will have 5 days to respond to the confirmation email. If no response is given, a new winner will be chosen.
No private information is stored or sold from Ley's Library. This includes names, emails, IP addresses, and other personally identifying information.